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Rapporto uomo natura

Environmental education

Education for the environment and sustainability

Recovering the relationship that unites man with nature

Have you realized that more and more often our mobile phone, pc or television have become an indispensable part of our lives? And this phenomenon expands like wildfire, especially in the youngest? Have you ever heard the sound of an oak bark, the scent of freshly picked honey or lemon? Have you ever observed the shapes formed by clouds in the sky? How many times do you take a break under a tree or in front of the sea? Have you ever wondered how you can make a difference to protect our home, our planet Earth? Do you think a single individual's choices will have no impact?

We at Santo Pietro believe in the possibility of recovering that wonderful relationship between man and nature, we want everyone to rediscover this bond and to improve; we are convinced that everyone has the power to influence others, to set an example and to have a positive impact on our future.

Worrying about our home is not just a problem for "insiders", it is not only for environmentalists, ecologists or naturalists; it’s everyone's problem. If we don't change things, the Earth will and we're unlikely to survive. Do not worry, we don’t want to alarm you, on the contrary we want to console you and give you confidence, because change can come and can be born right now.

At Santo Pietro, we organize environmental and sustainability education activities and workshops for children, young people and families.

For the youngest ones

We offer the rediscovery of natural processes and old flavors, the art of arboriculture, we will discover the typical Sicilian trees; we will put our "hands in the dough" with the flours of ancient grains enjoying an exquisite snack; we will observe how bees are so indispensable to us humans and much more.

For the older ones

We will observe the peculiarities of oil, lemons, tropical fruits such as mangos, we will study and observe alternative energies, innovative methodologies for sustainable land management, we will go to "get our hands dirty" in the garden, we will rely on the sustainability of our daily choices; we will look together at environmental problems, the climate crisis and good practices for impact mitigation; we will observe the sea, its fragile beauty and try to read the territory. Through audiovisual presentations we will present and deepen together today's issues on sustainability in its various forms.

Examples of laboratories or activities of Environmental and Sustainability Education:

  • Sicilian Flora Laboratory
  • Composting laboratory
  • Biodiversity Laboratory
  • Laboratory on the Sea
  • Horticulture Laboratory
  • Ecological footprint laboratory

And so many others.

For families

we offer convivial moments, tastings of typical local products flanked by naturalistic, cultural and technical-scientific conversations on ancient and modern matters; 
we will also discuss life choices and we will present simple methods to reduce their impact on the environment. We will rediscover the pleasure of walking in the fields, with all our senses active.

Environmental and sustainability education activities all entail the sharing of knowledge, experience and emotions. Your feedback is important, as the socratic method of maieutics is based on your comments.
The activities will be designed in collaboration with the teachers to allow the class to cherish the educational process.
The main objective of these activities, wether in the classroom or in a forest, is to intrigue people.
You will fall in love with place you are studying or visiting, while enjoying the most cultural aspects of hiking.